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The Cheating Husband

One of the most painful things that can ever happen to anybody is finding out that the man you have married is cheating on you, and this is very much a possibility in any relationship, especially if the romance and intimacy has died down in your relationship.  There will be signs that he is cheating on you, but some of these signs are not that obvious so you have to be very observant, especially if you feel he has somebody new in his life.


New Habits


Usually, a man develops new habits if he is cheating.  You notice that he does not allow any of your kids' stuffs to be left in the car or you might notice that he has taken to carrying condom in his wallet when you are very much aware that your husband knows that you are on the pill.  When you are in bed with him and making love, you notice that he has new techniques in making love that you were not aware of before.


The Telltale Signs


These are the more obvious clues that he really is seeing another woman.


You notice that there is a strand of long hair on his shirt or in his car that obviously is not the shade of your hair color.  When he goes home, you smell a different perfume on him, and you know that it is not your scent.  Other obvious signs are light scratches on his neck and back, or worse, lipstick stains on his shirt.


The Excuses


A cheating husband also has a lot of excuses just to go out of the house and stay out.  They can range from working overtime, to a boys' night out, to a flat tire every other day.  He has so many excuses that sometimes they overlap with some of the lies he has made before.


What You Can Do


You have a lot of options to take.  One, you can confront him about it.  Once he has admitted to a new lover, you have the option to work things out or leave him.  You can ignore the signs, too, but you will be left with an overwrought and stressed mind that will surely put a strain in your relationship.  Whatever your decision is, always think of the effects it will have on your children as they are the ones who will be affected more by both your decisions.