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What to Do in an Argument
It cannot be helped but it is a fact that couples do quarrel at times, be it major or minor things, but they argue.  Sometimes, it can lead to days and days of not talking with each other, each waiting for the other to admit he is wrong and to be the first one to apologize.  This is most especially difficult for hardheaded couples because they are no longer fighting with each other, but fighting their prides not to succumb to saying sorry.  This leads to more heartaches and less time spend loving each other.


What can you do to alleviate the situation, or better yet, what are some of the things that you can do to save both yourselves from a lengthy fight?


Hot Head, Cool Head


This is always easier said that done, but it has to be so.  If you are both tired from work and are in a very foul mood, it is best to give each other some space or else both your tempers will clash.  And if it really happened that you two exchanged some angry words at each other, keep a very cool head.  One of you should at least remember to keep a cool head so as not to blow the argument way out of proportion.  And one way of keeping your cool is to count one to ten while breathing deeply, and in a calm voice, tell your partner that it is best to talk things over later when he has cooled off some.


Saying Sorry


A very good way of diffusing a heated argument is saying sorry at the very start of the fight.  The one who is at fault should readily say sorry so as to avoid prolonging the quarrel.  Acknowledging one's mistake dissipates anger, but if your partner continues to rant and rave despite your apology, walk away.  Tell him again in a very calm voice that you will discuss the problem tomorrow or after a few hours when he has calmed down.


Kissing and Making Up


After every argument, you should both make it a habit to kiss and make.  However corny it sounds, this is one way of knowing if one or both of you is sincere in your apologies.  After kissing and making up, let the argument die.  Promise each other that neither one of you will bring it up again or use it against the other if another squabble comes up.  Furthermore, never let a day end without making up and saying you both are sorry and that you still love each other.