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iam jovieal .iam woriking in qatar.25000salery per month....
Hi, I'm srinivaasan, a engineer by professional and working in chennai...
i miss my huby....i love him a lot!! i need him in my life!!love you b...
Nothing to worry. Future is in ur hand. Descide it fast, bcz life is s...
Dating tips and Advice
November 26, 2009Husband
  One of the most painful things that can ever happen to anybody is finding out that the man you have married is cheating on you, and this is very much a possibility in any relationship, especial[...]
November 26, 2009Arranged Marriages
Arranged marriages are very much prevalent in India where it is the parents themselves who arrange the marriage of their child to another family's child, regardless of what their children want.  [...]
November 26, 2009Tips and Advice
It cannot be helped but it is a fact that couples do quarrel at times, be it major or minor things, but they argue.  Sometimes, it can lead to days and days of not talking with each other, each w[...]